Saturday 28 February 2015

touches of glitter...

view of Blairgowrie beach...

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The hangout for scenery junkies!
(Thank you Sallie! Loved the caption in your first link here, so I bludged it!)


Mascha said...

Be there for a little walk... -
(I'm offering the contrast program ;-) )
Thanks for hosting

Sara Chapman said...

Glitter is right! What an inviting scene. Pretty gray in Seattle right now.

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely shots, Gemma. Thanks for hosting.

carol l mckenna said...

Oh your wonderful scenic photo looks so inviting!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love the water when it does that! And you know how I love a quiet beach. Thanks for hosting Gemma!

Mari said...

Glittery water, that's inviting.

Alexa T said...

Lovely for a short walk! Have a happy March 1st!

isabella kramer - veredit said...

Such a lovely mood!! Wish I could be there.

thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

Have a happy week.
xo, veredit